Friday, October 30, 2009

Roosevelt's Inaugural Parade - Self Titled 7"

I don't know a whole lot about this band, really. I know that some of the people in Roosevelt's Inaugural Parade were also involved with the Suicide Machines and King For A Day, and that they released a split 7" with Mainspring, which I have never heard.

This is good stuff, though. It was recorded in 1995 and it completely sounds like it. Shared male / female vocals over chaotic post-hardcore. I guess it what the kids would have called "emo", I don't know. Initial Records put out lots of good stuff. There's a little bit of information about Initial here.

I've included cover scans, label scans and a scan of the Initial Records sticker that was inside, too. So now if you want to bootleg a sticker from a record label that's been out of business for 5 years, I guess you can.

Here's the link to dowload this record. Oh, and happy Halloween to all of you!

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