Monday, May 23, 2011

Deadly Sins 4X7" Compilation

Here's a 7" comp put out by Hater of God records in, I think, 2000? Or was it 1999? It was somewhere around the turn of the century. I bought this at a merch table at some radical political gathering or other, and the crust punk from whom I bought it told me I had to promise not to put it on eBay because it was "selling for like fifty dollars". My travels around the internet this morning tell me that this can still be had for around 11 or 12 dollars from several distributors. It is well worth that price, not only for the music, but for the excellent packaging and presentation of this set. It's seriously great, and you really should track one of these things down for yourself.

I scanned a few images of this box set, but I'm pretty certain I accidentally deleted all of them. Here's a photo of Damad.

Seven bands, each tackling one of the deadly sins. Some with one song, some with more.

The Black Hand: "Sin Tax"
Catharsis: "Sabbat (Dervish Dance)"
Damad: "Feed Back and Forth"
Ruination: "Mission From God"
Ruination: "Theme for a Crucifixion"
Ruination: "Sacrifice Not Suicide"
Kill The Man Who Questions: "Consider This a Threat"
Kill The Man Who Questions: "A General Lack of Integrity"
MK-Ultra: "Pray For Peace & Kill For Christ"
MK-Ultra: "Face to Face"
MK-Ultra: "Burn Warehouse Burn"
MK-Ultra: "It's Not In Your Heart"
Unruh: "Sloth: Blessed Numbness"

Here it is.


GSV JR said...

Ah, good ol Victoria.

Robert said...

She's awesome. I hate the fact that things started happening in Savannah about the time I moved away to Athens. I missed the first Damad and Tank 18 shows. I missed Buzzoven at the Hangnail. Boo to all that.

GSV JR said...

TANK 18! I saw them open for EHG in Atlanta. Wasn't that Victoria's boyfriend on vox or something? Nice guy.

Saw Extreme Noise Terror and Damad at some motorcycle shop in Savannah ages ago. It was the shit.