Wednesday, June 10, 2009

30 Songs for Summer

Hey, guys. Here are some songs I have been listening to lately. It's nothing rare or hard-to-find really. It's just a bunch of stuff that you may or may not have heard and that I hope you will like. I'm not posting a track list, but you'll get one if you download the file. There is some Serge Gainsbourg on here. And some Ronnie James Dio. And some Gino Washington. know what? It's just 100% awesome. Thanks for reading my bullshit, dudes. I will put more records up as soon as I move back into my living room. I love all 5 of you!

You should totally click here to download this


jodi said...

So yeah, I'm one of those wankers who comes here and downloads your stuff and never comments. Just wanted to say thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have already listened to this twice today. I am not sure what my favorite song is, but your Black Sabbath and Dexy's choices are very awesome. Great mix, dude.

PS: "Ravichangas"

The Kid said...