Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Herb Traub's Nationally Famous

You know, even though I lived in "The Coastal Empire" for quite a significant portion of my life, I think I have only been to the Pirates' House once. Maybe. I'm not certain that I have ever been ever, really. Still, their matchbooks used to be awesome. I doubt they still have them, but who knows? I also have a souvenir glass with the "What Foods These Morsels Be" design on the side. Get it? It is a pun! Haw Haw Haw!


Anonymous said...

Dude, that is awesome. Seriously. Too bad they don't still use that marketing, or maybe I would actually eat there.

Does Carey Hilliard's have any awesome vintage ephemera?


I've been to Slovannah a billion times but just went to HTNFTPH last New Year's Day.

It's basically a TGIFridays with fried seafood on the menu and girls and guys dressed in "Pirate clothes."

An adjacent table of yanks (accents buttermilk thick) kept trying to get this pirate girl to come over and talk to their youngest daughter.

Youngest daughter protested. Like, LOUDLY. Yank family told youngest daughter HTNFTPH was "haunted" by "pirates," and the girls and guys dressed in "pirate clothes" were "ghosts."

Pirate girl relents. Comes over to the table and says, "Arrrrrrrrr!" Youngest daughter screams, "No daddy!" and starts crying. Youngest daughter whispers in oldest daughter's ear.

"Great," says oldest daughter. "She peed on herself. She peed. Classic."