Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Johnny and The Hurricanes: "The Beatnik Fly" / "Sand Storm"

You like children's music, right? Songs that you used to sing in like preschool or kindergarten?

Of course you do. You like rock music, right? Of course you do. Let's cram the two together and see what we get. We get Johnny and the Hurricanes. You can talk all you want about the racial issues and history of the South that's bundled up in the song "Jimmy Crack Corn", but that all melts away when Johnny and the Hurricanes make it rock!

Oh, "Sand Storm" is pretty good, too.

Here is it!

Also, our floors are done, so there may be some more records on the internet in our future.

Also also, while we're on the subject of music for children becoming rock songs... You guys know about English tough-guy street punk band Cock Sparrer's version of "Polly Wolly Doodle", right. Yes, I am serious.


"Hurricane Duane" Thomas/ J & The Hurricanes. said...

Thank you so much! Please watch for the life story of Johnny Paris and Johnny & The Hurricanes called "SAX MAN".
"Hurricane" Duane Thomas
Johnny & The Hurricanes, Inc

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Gegen You said...

I can't believe someone else noticed that Take 'em all is the same song as polly wolly doodle. hilarious.