Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summer's Gone...Summer's Over.

I made you another mix tape. You'll like this one. It might make you sad a little, but it'll do a better job making you happy. Just like life. Or something. Whatever, it's just 27 songs crammed together for you to listen to. You might actually be glad you did.

Click here to download the mix tape I made for you.

Oh, and dudes, if you download it, please leave a comment so Ill know whether or not I should do this sort of thing again or just make them and put them on CDs for myself to listen to while I drive to Kroger or whatever.



Jasmine said...

I am totally going to download this for this afternoon's listening pleasure.

PreacherTom said...

You should continue to make these. Some of us don't have a Kroger to drive to, we have to settle for Jewel-Osco.

amanda said...

I agree! This is great.

beccccccccca said...

hey there.. love the mix tape... i'm a former athenian and living in montana right now. needed some new music and your mix filled the void. thanks!