Monday, September 21, 2009

Scrog - "Sacred Masses" 7"

I liked Scrog. I used to play them quite a bit on my radio show when I was in college. They were a bit slower and, um, "sludgier" (I hate that term, but it has taken hold with this type of music, so, reluctantly, there I go...)than whatever the hell else I was listening to thirteen years ago...

There's not much information about Scrog on the internet. Searching for the band name yields a number of marijuana related websites ("scrog" is also the name for a particular marijuana cultivation technique), but the band does have a Myspace page here.

Their discography album is available here or directly from New Granada Records and it includes their cover of The Smiths "The Queen Is Dead", which is an interesting version.

"Sacred Masses" was their last 7" and was released in 2 versions. The more limited blue vinyl version came with a book of photos from the history of the band, which I have scanned in and included in the download. The front and back covers of both versions are also included.

Click here to download the "Sacred Masses" 7".


William said...

Longtime reader, first time commenter. So, what settings do you use when you convert vinyl to digital? I've got this niffty Ska album somebody gave me a few years ago now, and what with my small (by your standards) record collection growing, I think I'd like to put some of them in wav format so I can listen to them on-the-go as it were. What would Sir Fancybottom recommend for conversion software/settings? I have mac and pc access.

William said...

Also, I will point out that this site is solid freaking GOLD. Scrog? GOSPEL?! WIN!

Robert said...

Thanks, William. I use the program that came with Toast. I think it's called CD Spin Doctor or something. There are free ones you can get, too. Lots of people like one called Audacity. If you have a USB Turntable, then the software that came with it should work fine, I guess, but I got mine 2nd hand with no software... I usually don't do any "clean up" of the files, because I think a record should sound like a record, but I know that most programs have a thing where you can take out scratches and hissing noises, but I don't know how well that works.

Thanks for reading!

keith said...

Just came across this. Nice stuff, however, your link to New Granada is no longer valid. The Scrog "Discrography" is only $4.00 from the NG online store here:

Keith/New Granada

The Hawk and Buzzard said...

Wow, I'm in this band. I don't have any of these records. I haven't seen these photos either. Thanks for posting. We actually still play every so often. We are playing in Tampa on Dec 18. Thanks it was cool seeing this.