Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Little Debbie - "Thank You For My Vitamin" 7"

This is one of the first Athens, GA releases I bought after I moved here permanently in July of 1992. I don't know if I ever saw Little Debbie live. I think I may have. They seem like the kind of band that would've opened for Reprisal at Club Fred, and I definitely saw Reprisal at Club Fred a few times. That probably doesn't mean much to you. That's okay.

This is good stuff. It's all over the place, like most garage/punk/"alternative"/whatever bands of the early 90's tended to be. "Big, Big Frog" sounds like a straight-up hardcore song, and like a completely different band than the one that played "Greg Lee".

I don't know who the original artist is, but "You Will Fall" is a cover. I played this song quite a bit on 90.5 FM when I was working there.

I hope you like this. I've included scans of the lyric sheet and all the other information on the cover, front and back. Don't bother calling that phone number. It has been disconnected. I just called it 5 minutes ago. I don't know any of these dudes, but if any of the Athens people reading this do know them, tell 'em I said "Hi" and let me know what they're up to these days...

Here is the link to download "Thank You For My Vitamin."


musichick3 said...

Aaron Phillips is the drummer for Bloodkin. He was in Little Debbie, FYI.

Nathan Baker said...

Little Debbie also released the Little Debbie vs. The Skinpops 7", as well as an extremely rare cassette called Dig A Hole And Jump In.