Monday, November 30, 2009

'70s Dutch Inn Promotional Materials.

My Wife's brother showed me this stuff. It's great. Her family used to travel from Athens, GA to Hendersonville, NC to visit family pretty often, and they apparently stayed at the Hendersonville Dutch Inn when they did.

Here's a postcard and brochure from the Hendersonville Dutch Inn, as well as a full scan of a directory describing all of their locations, as well as one not yet completed at the time of publication. If my brother-in-law's hand written additions are to be believed (and I see no reason they shouldn't be), this is from 1975. As always, clicking on these things makes them bigger.

I just dialed the phone number on that postcard, and it's someone's cell phone. Their outgoing voice-mail message plays Heart's "Barracuda". True story.

Seriously. This guy:


scrappy said...

I thought I was going to lose it when I went to a rehearsal dinner at this Dutch Inn in Martinsville, VA. I couldn't believe they were still around!

Anonymous said...

Not the run of the mill. No sir! Amazing!

Lara said...

How do you know this man?

PSS said...

Would you be willing to part with these Dutch Inn items?

Anonymous said...

This is solid gold. I grew up in Hendersonville and am with a friend and we were trying to remember what it looked like. They tore it down a handful of years ago and built a Walgreens. :(