Thursday, January 7, 2010

Something Good Is Gonna Happen - January 2010 Mix Tape

I made you another mix tape. You guys are so lucky. There's a surprisingly high number of Jamaican pop songs on here. I guess I was carried away by the Island Riddims. Or something. There's also a Monkees demo, a Charlie Feathers demo, Public Image, Ltd, a song about Frankenstein and more stuff that will increase the quantity of awesome in your day.

Hey, leave a comment, why don't you, and let me know if I should keep this up. There are quite possibly plans for something similar to my Internet Music and Talking Program but involving an actual other human. fIREHOSE taught us that "everything ain't just two dudes talkin'", but this may be just exactly that thing. I will let you know.

Meanwhile, please tell me what you think of this collection of songs, won't you?

Here are the words you click on to download this.


Anonymous said...

Dude, I love your Internet Mix Tapes. Keep makin' 'em. They brighten my work day considerably.

PreacherTom said...

Always a treat when this happens.


This island, mon stuffs aint workin pour moi especially since it's like Lake Michigan here in ATL. I'll put this one on ice 'til spring. But Herr Feathers flies with this bird. He works regardless of weather cond.

Anonymous said...

you do this again and you are FINISHED!

The Kid said...

Did I mention balloons?