Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's Country Music Time Again!

I'm completely serious about my offer to pay good American money to the United States Air Force for access to their archive of "Country Music Time" recordings. Of course, this is probably just the sort of thing that they don't have anymore. I hope I'm wrong, and that these tapes are in a vault in the Pentagon somewhere, but I think that the armed services of the United States may have a few things that they consider more important than maintaining a library of country music recordings. Based on the label and enclosed program sheet for this record, spell checking is not one of those things. Remember, there is only one "e" in "Ferlin Husky" and it's in his first name.

The other artist here is Billy Walker. Who had a pretty spectacular career, but you never really hear much about him anymore.

Here's the program sheet for these two shows (a scan is also included in the download).

I haven't done anything to these files, so they still sound like you're listening to a 40+ year old record. Because you are.

Here's the thing you click on to download this record.

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jodi said...

Excellent. Thank you!