Monday, February 7, 2011

Some things happen.

So this "blog" is kind of stupid. I started it over three years ago as a kind of excuse to post things that I thought were "interesting" that I had around the house.

Then it kind of maybe turned into an "mp3 blog" for a while and then it stopped being anything at all. I guess I have recently had a hankerin' to once again write about things on the internet in ways that are neither limited to 140 characters nor appearing on a "wall" or in a "news feed", so here I am.

I have, you've probably noticed, changed the url of this place to something quite cumbersome and difficult to remember, so I guess I'm limiting myself once again. Anyway, thanks for showing up. I can't promise things here will get any less stupid. I can only promise to make a half-hearted attempt to make them happen a little more frequently.

Tell all your friends!


Amanda said...

Sounds like the apologies I make in my dairies in case any one reads them when I die. Then I spend so much time catching up on back story that I lose interest in writing the current stuff. My unsolicited advice is make no apologies just do your thing.


Was wondering what the hell happened to you...