Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Prince with A Thousand Enemies

In 1999 or 2000 (who can remember?), when I was booking millions of shows for bands from all over the country, I booked a hardcore band called El-Ahrairah. They gave me a copy of their CD, and I remeber it being pretty good, and having good-looking handmade packaging. Of course, I lost it, so I decided to ask the internet if it had a copy for me.

I did not find it. I did, however find evidence of the existence of another band called El-Ahrairah, a black metal project from Minnesota. The recently released a cassette-only 3-song tribute to Bathory, and it's pretty good.

It was limited to 13 copies, so you can't have a copy, but you can download the songs by following a link on the website of A Terre Records, a label that appears to be run by one (or more) of the people in the band. If you like metal, Bathory and/or rabbits, you have literally nothing to lose by checking this stuff out. I like it. Maybe you will, too.

If anyone knows anything about the other El-Ahrairah, I'd appreciate hearing from you.