Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chicks & Chuckles - April 1957

Chicks & Chuckles was an (as near as I can tell) Atlanta-based girlie magazine, of which I own one issue. This is it. My copy of this thing is rotting, and it stinks of ammonia. Scanning it made it fall apart even more. But, here it is. It's got a Bettie Page centerfold, but then, didn't every magazine in the late 50s? Hope you guys like sexism. There's no boobs in here. You couldn't send that through the mail in '57. So if you're looking at Chicks & Chuckles for the former, there may be a better source for that sort of thing on the internet.

There's a pretty awesome gag in here involving a woman threatening her husband with a gun. Sure, it's a "women sure do like to shop" gag, but you rarely saw the tables turned that way. Of course one could read it as giving voice to an inherent fear of women that in turn could lead to actual violence against them, but before I get all Women's Studies on you guys, here is the link to download the April, 1957 issue of Chicks & Chuckles.

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