Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ray Price - An Exclusive Interview.

Oh, dudes, I love Ray Price. Seriously. I was all ready to drive to Nashville and see the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum exhibit about him a couple years back, but then my Wife had to go and get pregnant and really curtail my road trip ability. I'm not sure how or why she chose that time (I'm still not too sure how these things work) but she did.

Anyway, back to Ray Price. This is a bonus 7" that came with one of his 1970s records. I think it may have been For The Good Times, but I'm not 100% sure about this. Maybe I'm just assuming it was that one because that record is so amazingly good.

This record, however, is not. It's worth listening to once, maybe, but not too many more times. Ray talks to Frank Jones about his songs, but not too much. It's mostly Mr. Jones telling Ray how wonderful he is and Ray agreeing. He talks about his switch in sound from straight up hillbilly music to string sections and his later smoother vocal style, but nothing is as in-depth as you'd like it to be.

I'm really not sure why this was made, actually. Maybe to sell Ray's other records, but I'm not sure anyone would rush out to buy them after hearing this. Sure, the song excerpts are great, because they're Ray Price songs, but I would think that listening to the record this thing came with would be incentive enough to go buy more Ray Price music.

Whatever. I have it and now you can listen to it all you want. Maybe it will make you want to buy more Ray Price records. You should.

I have included front and back cover scans as well as side 1 and side 2 label scans. Aren't you lucky?

Here is the link.

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