Monday, April 27, 2009

Ruby Wright - "Dern Ya" / "Such A Silly Notion"

Ah, the Answer song. They're never not amazing, and they're particularly more amazing when they contain a line like "you need 30 days in the electric chair", as this one does. Seriously. THIRTY DAYS. Don't those things usually kill you in a few seconds? I mean, I know Roger Miller "spent the groceries and half the rent", and believe me, I cannot justify the behavior described in "Dang Me", but thirty days in an electric chair? Maybe Ms. Wright or Justin Tubb, the co-writer (along with Roger Miller, of course) means 30 days inthe chair without current, you know, just to scare him.

The B-Side's just here for completeness. It ain't bad, but we all know you're just here for "Dern Ya". We'd be lying were we to say otherwise.

Click here to download (Z-share).

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Anonymous said...

RIP Ruby Wright, who passed away this week.