Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Four Speeds - "My Sting Ray" / "R.P.M"

Do people write songs about their cars anymore? I guess rap is probably the most likely to do something like that in this modern age, and rappers do often make mention of their cars, but there's nothing like this going on now, that I know of. If it is happening, please clue me in because although I have limited interest in cars themselves, songs about cars is another matter altogether.

Also, I know only 5 or 6 people are reading this, but would it kill you dudes to leave a comment once in a while? I'd like to know if anyone besides me is enjoying this.

Also also, you guys should really be paying attention to Red's blog because it is awesome on a scope that I can't manage. He also has a 45-a-day email list which is well worth signing up for.

Anyway, let's all click here to download a couple of songs about cars!

1 comment:

PreacherTom said...

Maybe people don't write songs about cars before because we've become too specialized. How can you have room for knowing about music and knowing about cars? It is impossible.

Now, writing songs about overclocking your PC, there's a genre.