Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Tune Rockers - "The Green Mosquito" / "Warm Up"

I should thank Devlin for this. Well, Devlin and The Cramps. See, I never would have bought this thing if The Cramps hadn't used the intro to "The Green Mosquito" for their song "Human Fly", and also if Devlin hadn't told me that that's where they got it.

I'm glad I did. This is good sax-driven instrumental rock music. You should spend 5 minutes of your day listening to this.

Click here to download United Artists single # UA 139 X.

1 comment:

Philip Lee said...

It is good food! The sax comes off insistent and spartan. And thanks for passing on the One To Grow On Cramps Fact. The world is a better place forcause of it.