Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chicks & Chuckles - April 1957

Chicks & Chuckles was an (as near as I can tell) Atlanta-based girlie magazine, of which I own one issue. This is it. My copy of this thing is rotting, and it stinks of ammonia. Scanning it made it fall apart even more. But, here it is. It's got a Bettie Page centerfold, but then, didn't every magazine in the late 50s? Hope you guys like sexism. There's no boobs in here. You couldn't send that through the mail in '57. So if you're looking at Chicks & Chuckles for the former, there may be a better source for that sort of thing on the internet.

There's a pretty awesome gag in here involving a woman threatening her husband with a gun. Sure, it's a "women sure do like to shop" gag, but you rarely saw the tables turned that way. Of course one could read it as giving voice to an inherent fear of women that in turn could lead to actual violence against them, but before I get all Women's Studies on you guys, here is the link to download the April, 1957 issue of Chicks & Chuckles.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sonny Hall - "One Eyed Snake In A Turtle Neck Sweater" / "Homer's Board"

Remember the last post I wrote where I promised some "thinly veiled dick jokes"? Well, here's one.

Seriously. It's like getting stuck in the elevator with that one guy who has, like, one joke, or worse all his "humor" consists of Saturday Night Live and Family Guy quotes.

I mean, Sonny Hall may be a great songwriter, devoted husband and caring father, but I only know him as the guy who wrote a song about dicks and then cut a b-side about fucking a piece of wood.

Anyway, Here is Sonny Hall.


Not like I think anyone out there (of the probably 5 of you who even look at this) have any expectations AT ALL for it, but I'm filled still with the zeal of the recently converted or whatever, so I feel that if I don't make a token post at least once a day, then the internet (all 5 of you) will give up on me, so here it is.

No music tonight, though. Tomorrow, 2 songs about driving cars. Or maybe a VERY thinly disguised dick joke. They're both coming, I just can't decide which comes first. Also some French Canadian grindcore, which should really shake up the mood I've got going, such as it is, and also a song about the possibility of making the moon out 51st state.

Right now, though, I should be asleep, so that is what I will do.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ruby Wright - "Dern Ya" / "Such A Silly Notion"

Ah, the Answer song. They're never not amazing, and they're particularly more amazing when they contain a line like "you need 30 days in the electric chair", as this one does. Seriously. THIRTY DAYS. Don't those things usually kill you in a few seconds? I mean, I know Roger Miller "spent the groceries and half the rent", and believe me, I cannot justify the behavior described in "Dang Me", but thirty days in an electric chair? Maybe Ms. Wright or Justin Tubb, the co-writer (along with Roger Miller, of course) means 30 days inthe chair without current, you know, just to scare him.

The B-Side's just here for completeness. It ain't bad, but we all know you're just here for "Dern Ya". We'd be lying were we to say otherwise.

Click here to download (Z-share).

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Same crap, different server...

Some people (specifically Gordon) mentioned that they were having trouble with Megaupload files, so I have made a .zip of the 4 records I have uploaded so far and put it up on here.

New stupid crap soon!

Friday, April 24, 2009

James Marlowe - "All That's Left Now Is A Bottle And Cigarettes" / "All You Did Was Stomp The Floor"

James Marlowe. James Marlowe. Oh, man, James Marlowe. Everyone who has more than a passing interest in records has their own "James Marlowe". Some record that just sits there taunting you and leaving you begging to know more. I saw this in a box, and I'm not going to leave a record with a song called "All You Did Was Stomp The Floor" just sitting there. Man, am I ever glad I did.

James Marlowe was probably from Athens or from the Athens area, but he's not listed in the phone book now. I have never met anyone who knows him, knew him, or knows anything about him. Maybe he'll find this somehow and get in touch. I have to know things like where this was recorded, who is "Greenwood Records", and about 100 more questions.

The sound on this, by the way, is pretty close to what's on the vinyl. The distortion and loudness are there on the record, too, and not a function of any computer trickery (or malfunction, as the case may be). Look, I don't want to talk this one up too much. Just listen to this one, and let it get you through the weekend. This is the best record you'll hear all day.

Click here to download Greenwood Records PS-4008.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ray Price - An Exclusive Interview.

Oh, dudes, I love Ray Price. Seriously. I was all ready to drive to Nashville and see the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum exhibit about him a couple years back, but then my Wife had to go and get pregnant and really curtail my road trip ability. I'm not sure how or why she chose that time (I'm still not too sure how these things work) but she did.

Anyway, back to Ray Price. This is a bonus 7" that came with one of his 1970s records. I think it may have been For The Good Times, but I'm not 100% sure about this. Maybe I'm just assuming it was that one because that record is so amazingly good.

This record, however, is not. It's worth listening to once, maybe, but not too many more times. Ray talks to Frank Jones about his songs, but not too much. It's mostly Mr. Jones telling Ray how wonderful he is and Ray agreeing. He talks about his switch in sound from straight up hillbilly music to string sections and his later smoother vocal style, but nothing is as in-depth as you'd like it to be.

I'm really not sure why this was made, actually. Maybe to sell Ray's other records, but I'm not sure anyone would rush out to buy them after hearing this. Sure, the song excerpts are great, because they're Ray Price songs, but I would think that listening to the record this thing came with would be incentive enough to go buy more Ray Price music.

Whatever. I have it and now you can listen to it all you want. Maybe it will make you want to buy more Ray Price records. You should.

I have included front and back cover scans as well as side 1 and side 2 label scans. Aren't you lucky?

Here is the link.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

December's Children - "Backwards and Forwards"

Okay, here is a song that 100% awesome no matter how many times you listen to it, even if all those times are straight in a row. I should know. I have listened to this one quite a bit. But not the other side. The other side of this record's called "Kissin' Time" and if I get enough people asking I MIGHT put it up, but I'd have to listen to it again to upload it, and man that is asking a LOT.

I think this group is from Florida, but I'm not 100% on that. As always, I know almost nothing about this. Except that it completely rocks and has fake cow mooing at the end. For real!

I have included a ridiculously hi-resolution scan of this record in its ripped up World Pacific Sleeve. Hooray!

These are the words on which you click to begin your download.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dale Chantel & The Dominoes - "Buzz Buzz Buzz" / "Now You're Gone"

Okay, so I guess I'm opening this thing back up with this, the first post since January of this year, and I decided that I'd maybe use the internet to share music with people. I am pretty sure that I am the first guy in history to have this idea, so if you see anyone else doing it, they're ripping me off.

All the kids are into free music, right? Well, dammit, I'm gonna give it to them, whether they like it or not! I'm not going to put anything up here that I can find anywhere else, though. That's too much. You are on the internet, so I am sure that means you know how to find music.

Today's record is both sides of Princess Records PR-609 45 featuring 2 songs by Dale Chantel and The Dominoes, about whom I know nothing. The A-Side of this is really great, though. Buzz Buzz Buzz is 2 minutes of awesome that even includes some flutin' in the background. "Now You're Gone" is sort of boring, but if you need something to listen to during a 2 minute nap, then here you go.

Anyway... please listen to this and leave a comment letting me know what you think. Now that I have a MUCH easier way (thanks, Jeremy) to put my stupid records on the internet, you can probably look forward to more bullshit like this. Also, probably more scans of old shopping bags, bumper stickers and postcards. This will probably be the most popular "web-site" on the internet soon! Hooray for me!

Go on and click here to download the songs. I scanned the labels on both sides of the record, too, so if you're one of those kind of nerds, I've got you covered.