Friday, December 28, 2012

S.P.I.I.T.A.M.P. Volume II Number 14

I did not forget to do this. I thought I would probably forget to do this. But then, I did not forget.

So click on these words to listen to another hour of me playing records and also talking. This one's pretty good, I think.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Second Period Industries presents: Christmas! (Volume 2)

Here's some more Christmas music for you guys. I'll be back to playing music and talking about things next time. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you have an awesome end of the year time.

Thanks for being great and listening to my garbage!

Here is the link to the second volume of my Christmas compilation.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Second Period Industries presents: Christmas! (Volume 1)

Guys, I love Christmas. Also, I hate being sick. The two are somewhat related, as someone in my house has been sick in one way or another (and to varying degrees of severity) since the day after Thanksgiving. I just got a text message from my wife saying she thinks she's getting a cold, which is bullshit because she's had like 8 plagues in the past 3 weeks.

So because of all the disease, I didn't really feel up to running my mouth about how terrible I am at playing records on the internet, so I made you a mix tape of Christmas music.

There's secular, religious, instrumental, and vocal Christmas songs on here. It'll basically hose you down with Christmas spirit, even if you don't really like Christmas all that much. I love Christmas, but I totally get that maybe everyone doesn't. That's okay. I'll be back to playing records and talking really really soon.

Here is the link for some Christmas cheer or whatever. I hope you like it.

Friday, December 7, 2012

S.P.I.I.T.A.M.P. Vol.II, Number 13


This one's weird. The volume is probably all over the place, unless the Garage Band elves fixed the levels in whatever "mixdown" thing it does for like 3 hours after I finish recording. Whatever, though... these things are supposed to be ephemeral, right?

So, yeah. Here's some music I had that I thought maybe you would want to listen to as well and also some parts where I complain about not getting to go to the Christmas parade because I guess I'm a 12 year old...

Click here to listen to me not be able to pronounce any words.