Monday, May 17, 2010

Which Way Did My Donkey Go?

Hey! I made you guys another mix tape. Nothing on here's really going to blow you away with its obscurity and besides, the internet has sort of made the concept of obscurity old news anyway. This is just a bunch of junk I've been cramming onto my ear-holes lately. Including, but not limited to:
*Tommy Boyce (but not Bobby Hart)
*Songs you probably know pretty well but live recordings of those songs
*Music from the soundtrack of the movies Two Thousand Maniacs! and American Ninja 4
*A non-polka Weird Al song
*A bunch of stuff that I think I've probably put on these compilations before
*My favorite ELO song
And oh, so very much more.

Here's your download link!

As always, feedback in the comments is appreciated, but not required.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Still Around.

I haven't gone anywhere. Just been alternately busy and not feeling like talking to the internet. I'll be back soon.