Friday, November 30, 2012

S.P.I.I.T.A.M.P. Volume II Number 12

I don't have a lot to say about this one.

I think it's pretty good.

Click here to see what you think.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

S.P.I.I.T.A.M.P. Vol II Number 11

I'm posting this early because tomorrow is American Thanksgiving, BUT when I recorded this I still thought I would post it the day after American Thanksgiving, so I referred to American Thanksgiving in the past tense. I am sorry if this confuses you. I also think it is fun to refer to it as "American Thanksgiving" all the time.

I'm kind of concerned about the sound of this one because all of these songs were ripped from vinyl. I don't care about the hisses and pops, because I think records should should like records, but the mastering of this stuff was all over the place. Get ready to work the volume knob, probably. Sorry.

Anyway, here's these songs I played for you. Thanks for wasting your time listening to my garbage. I'm thankful for you.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Number ten.

Ever have a day where you're doing the stuff you're supposed to do and you're doing it the right way but it just

Happens to the best of us, I suppose...

Anyway, here is the tenth one of these things. It's okay. I liked making it. I hope you like listening to it. You're the best. Thanks.

Friday, November 9, 2012

The ninth one...


I made you a podcast again.

It's pretty good.

Here it is.

I hope you like it.

Maybe more than 5 people will listen to this one.

Maybe not.

Friday, November 2, 2012

S.P.I.I.T.A.M.P. Volume II Number 8

I don't even know what to write here anymore. You've figured out the formula, right? Guy wants to impose his "esoteric" and "refined" musical tastes on the world so he pretends to be a DJ into Garage Band for an hour and then he keeps doing it. That's where we are.

So here's the eighth one of these things. Serious question: Does anyone know how to put this on iTunes? Also, does anyone know if I can put this there? Because I'm basically uploading other peoples' music. Shhhhhh. Don't tell anybody. Also, should I do that? The whole process seems hard. Basically, I'm asking someone to do it for me. Can you tell? Why am I so lazy and manipulative? I don't know. I'm sorry. Besides, only 8 people downloaded the last one, so I'm 100% aware of the level of popularity I have achieved here.

Okay, so these words are in a different color because they are a link you can click on to download another hour of me playing records and sometimes talking to you. I always leave the end-of-sentence punctuation out of the linked text in sentences like the last one. Is that the right thing to do? Is there a style guide for this sort of thing? Okay, six to eight people... Listen to this thing and leave me a comment or send me an email or something. Thanks for playing along.